Glowing toilet stickers aim to help men put seat down

PASADENA, CA (KTRK) -- A couple out of Pasadena, California, has created something that can potentially save relationships and marriages one butt at a time.

They created a device to help the fellows put the toilet seat down.

Their invention is called Potty Glo. It's made up of a mineral that glows in the dark which attaches to your toilet seat. The goal: to avoid those accidental midnight falls into the toilet.

Laughing, Alex Pi, co-founder of Potty Glo, said, "If this saves but one more butt, then I'll consider myself successful."

Right now, Potty Glo is only in the prototype stage.

The couple is hoping to bowl over potential investors on Kickstarter looking for cash to mass produce the luminescent stickers.
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