Create custom lipstick palette for under $10

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A great way to change up your makeup routine is by adding a pop of color to your lips.

But lip palettes with various shades can cost up to $80, depending on the brand. Chances are, you already have several tubes of lipstick in your makeup bag that you can put to use.

Put them all in one place in a DIY lip palette with custom colors. For under $10, you can create one with just a few items.

"It's something you can do when you are trying to consolidate your old lipsticks before they go really old and you can't use them anymore," said Cecilia Kerr, stylist at the Upper Hand Salon.

After you've gathered your favorite shades of lipstick, grab a few supplies from the kitchen. You'll need a metal spoon, knife, and candle.

Also, pick up a paint palette from a craft store for around $5.

"Even in the kids craft aisle, you can run it through the dishwasher and now you have a clean paint palette," Kerr said.

Once the palette is clean, you can add your lipstick using the old metal spoon.

"You don't want your grandmother's gold or silver spoon, grab something from the dollar store, something you already have that is obviously heat resistant," Kerr said.

Once you light your candle, carefully use a knife and cut about 1/3 to 1/2 of your lipstick. Place that piece of lipstick onto your metal spoon and slowly melt over a candle.

"The candle is right next to your palette and it melts the lipstick gently and evenly," Kerr said.

Move the spoon around to slowly melt the lipstick. Then pour it into your well.

You can also make labels to keep track of which colors are in your palette.

In about 45 minutes, Kerr created her own custom palette for under $10. Add a lipstick brush to complete the kit!

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