Cy-Fair 12-year-old starts salsa business

CYPRESS, TX (KTRK) -- A seventh grader at Salyards Middle School started his own salsa business to save money for college -- and Jake Johnson says his business is taking off.

"We usually make it every weekend on Saturdays, but with all of the recent activity, we're probably going to have to start at like seven o'clock," Jake said.

Jake's Atomic Salsa was borne out of his frustration with other products on the market.

"When I bit into an onion, it just made me gag because it was disgusting," Jake said, "And then when it was watery, every time I'd try to eat it on a taco, it'd just fall off the back."

Jake has raised a few thousand dollars so far. He wants to save the money to study geology at Texas A&M.

"As I looked up, it is very expensive to get into A&M, and I don't want my parents spending that much money," Jake said.

His mother, Kari Schriewer, couldn't be more proud of her son's determination.

"We always told him that we would be there for him, support him," Schriewer said, "He is incredible."

Jake has faced a few setbacks along the way.

"One day, I had a jar in my backpack and some kid pushed my backpack on the ground and the salsa shattered," Jake said.

He didn't let that discourage him. He hopes other kids will start their own businesses, too.

"Anybody can do anything if they set their mind to it," Jake said.

You can order Jake's Atomic Salsa at null
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