Godmother is perfect match for baby boy in need of transplant

Eight-month-old Finn O'Sullivan will never remember what just happened, but his parents will never forget.

Finn was born with two rare liver conditions -- something that happens to one in 50 million babies -- and the odds of finding a donor in time were nearly as rare.

Finn's parents scrambled to find a match within their friends and family, all of whom got screened, but none of whom matched up -- until Finn's godmother, Sarah, decided to get tested.

"I had a feeling I might be the one," Sarah said.

And she was right.

"When we found out that Sarah was a match for Finn and she wanted to go ahead, it literally dropped me to my knees. There are no words to ever express my gratitude to Sarah," Finn's mother, Kate, said.

Sarah said she would have it no other way, stepping up for the son of a woman who has been in her life since their childhood.

"When I saw Finn after the surgery, I don't think there's quite words to express (it). If you've seen the photo, I'm in awe of him, completely," Sarah said after the procedure.

"To see the whites of his eyes -- he wasn't yellow any more, even his hair color changed," she added. "It was pretty amazing. He's such a strong person."

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