9-year-old Friendswood girl creates free neighborhood pantry

FRIENDSWOOD, TX (KTRK) -- A Friendswood nine year old is proving we're never too young or too old to make a difference.

Nine year old Alexandra Castillo started sewing fabric masks last month, and has already given away nearly 500 of them.

But, she knew she could do more, especially when she realized some of her neighbors couldn't get the groceries they need.

"So, my mom went to three stores to get food, so I got up a great idea to make a little food pantry," Alexandra explained.

Her mother put the idea on social media, and immediately heard from neighbors ready to donate supplies and labor to build the pantry.

"I had a glass front door from a cabinet I had to take out after Harvey and I offered it and my dad had an extra piece of plywood," explained Brady Burnett.

The pantry is now filled with groceries and supplies.

It's available to anybody who needs it.

"Kids can make a difference," Alexandra said.

The pantry has grown so popular, even Friendswood's mayor heard about it and sent her a letter.

"We have so much going on and people looking out for each other and Alexandra - what a star! It was a pleasure for me to send a little note to her," said Mayor Mike Foreman.

"I read it out loud and then I felt so happy like I got a thousand hugs!" laughed Alexandra.

If you need any supplies or groceries, you can go check out the pantry yourself!

The address is:

16334 Forest Bend Ave.

Friendswood, TX 77546
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