University of Houston student to sleep on the job with Mattress Firm

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The search is over. After weeks of tossing and turning Mattress Firm has finally found their snooze-tern.

Out of more than 220 applications reviewed, the mattress company said Juliane Nguyen, a senior at the University of Houston, snagged the dreamiest job.

Back in July, Mattress Firm had announced they were searching for their first ever intern to be an in-house bed tester.

As the snooze-tern, Nguyen will get to "sleep on the job" during business hours, as well as create video content and share her experience on Mattress Firm's social media pages.

"I think my love for sleep coupled with my fresh content ideas and video skills made me the perfect 'snoozer.' I am so excited to start snoozing and sharing!" Nguyen told Mattress Firm.
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