Snappy's: A Katy breakfast institution

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- Right in the heart of Old Town Katy, you'll find the city's original downtown, and a place where everybody is family.

Some are family by choice, others by blood.

"So far, so good. We're still alive, both of us are alive," laughed Bobby Katsabas.

"Well, when he's here, I'm not here. When he's not here, I'm here, so it works out real well," added Alex Tsounakas.

Katsabas and Tsounakas are brother-in-laws.

They bought Snappy's together back in 2002.

It's the kind of place where customers let themselves in before the restaurant opens.

"I have a key, I can come in when I want to, I eat what I want to, all I do is get coffee," said customer, Malcolm Repka.

Repka has a habit of letting himself in the restaurant.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, it dumped four feet of water inside the restaurant.

But in the months afterward, he and close to 100 community members started showing up uninvited.

They called themselves the Katy Navy, and fixed up the place together.

"We kind of, you know, take care of all the problems in the world," joked Repka.

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