Simone Biles defends husband Jonathan Owens after viral comments: 'Nothing foul about it'

"I love and support him," Biles said.

ByAngeline Jane Bernabe GMA logo
Thursday, April 18, 2024
Simone Biles addresses husband's viral comments, talks Paris Olympics
Simone Biles is addressing the viral comments her husband, Jonathan Owens, made during a podcast interview on "Call Her Daddy" in December.

Simone Biles is addressing the viral comments her husband, Jonathan Owens, made during a podcast interview in December.

In an interview on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast on Wednesday, the seven-time Olympic gymnast told host Alex Cooper that there was "nothing foul about it," in response to what he said and the reaction from others "hurt my feelings."

"That really hurt that they were talking about my husband like that," Biles said. "Because for me, it's like, talk about me all you want, but don't come for my family, never."

'He's the sweetest guy'

In December, Owens said that he "didn't know" who Biles was when she first messaged him on the dating app, Raya, in 2020.

"The first thing that I saw was that she just had a bunch of followers," Owens said at the time. "So in my mind I'm like, 'OK, she's got to be good.'"

Owens explained that he was in college when Biles won the Olympics and that he was in training camp and "never had a moment where I would have watched [her perform]."

His comments received backlash online, with some telling Biles to "divorce" Owens.

"When he did that interview, I thought everything was okay," Biles said. "And then I go on Twitter and everybody's like, 'divorce this man. He's mean.'"

"First of all, that interview had nothing to do with me," Biles said. "It was all for him, so I think they were mad that he didn't include me in the interview. But he has to have his moments, too, and I let him have it."

Biles said that she found the reaction from others "hilarious" at first, but then she "broke down."

"They hurt my feelings," she said. "I broke down and I'm like, why are you guys talking about my husband like this? You don't know him, you don't know who he is and if anybody's met him, they know he's the sweetest guy and will do anything for anybody."

'I love and support him'

Biles and Owens got married in a courthouse wedding in April 2023 before having a destination wedding. Since then, the couple have kept their followers updated about life as a married couple, including details about the renovation on their home.

They also cheer each other on. In December, Biles supported Owens and the Green Bay Packers against the Kansas City Chiefs. Biles talked about how it's important for her husband to have a moment in the spotlight.

"Whenever I go to football games, sometimes I get field passes but I'm not like hey, look at me! Simone Biles is here!" she said. "I just want to see my man in that uniform. Give him a little kiss, good luck out there. This is his moment."

"Sometimes, I'm like, I want to have my WAG moment on the field where I'm just like, I'm not Simone Biles the Olympian," Biles continued. "I'm just Simone Biles and that's my boo on the field. I love and support him."

'The goal is to go to Paris'

In her interview, Biles also shared that she's training for the Paris Olympics in July. Olympic trials for the games will be held in June.

"The goal is to go to Paris," said the decorated gymnast, who withdrew from the team final at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 after she suffered from a disorienting condition gymnasts call "the twisties," when an acrobat's mind and body feel dangerously out of sync.

"We already knew my gymnastics was kind of janky," Biles recalled about the team final in Tokyo. "In training, I was having twisties already but I'm trying to push past that. And I would literally tell my teammates like, I'm fighting demons. I'm fighting demons right now, but I'm going to do it for you guys."

"I literally felt like I was fighting my body and my mind to do these tricks," she added.

Biles said that she remembers feeling like she let America down, as well as her family and trainers.

"There were so many people that helped me get there and that's why every time I get to compete for Team USA or I'm on top of that podium, I'm so grateful and that medal's not just for me, it's for everybody that has helped me get there," she said.

Following the Olympics that year, Biles shared that she put her mental health first and went to therapy.

"I am very grateful that I'm in therapy and thankful for the resources we have because before this, no athlete was very outspoken about doing therapy or this, that, the other, or even just getting help," she said.

Ahead of the Paris Olympics, Biles said that she's excited for Owens to watch. She also said that she's approaching the games differently by putting her mental health first.

"I think just working on my mind and my body more than I have or continuing to work on my body and my mind, just like I have the past year and half and it's worked," she said. "To stay on top of that, it's exhausting, but I have to do it. It's working."