Sheriff's deputy's car crashes through bedroom window, missing woman by inches

FRESNO COUNTY, California -- Lindsey Scheer feels incredibly lucky.

She was sleeping when a Fresno County deputy plowed through her bedroom window on Thursday night, nearly killing her.

"I heard our bed being pushed and just heard glass shattering, woke up, screamed," Scheer said. "Just all over the floor, everywhere-- it's insane to think about."

Scheer had just recently moved her bed away from her window. She cringes to think what could have happened otherwise.

The deputy's cruiser was inches away from crushing her bed.

The impact sent bricks flying onto her mattress where she was sleeping.
"It was almost as if we were in a protective bubble that wouldn't be hit," Scheer said.

The deputy had been chasing a suspect who ran a stop sign nearby. He lost control while he turned onto her street.

"He was in a lot of shock as well. Just all he could keep doing was apologizing and asking if we were okay. Of course, we were all fine, we were more worried if he was okay," Scheer added.

The deputy is recovering and the suspect's been booked in jail.
Lindsey has had a lot of time to reflect.

"It's like I'm alive and around my family and I can still see them all," Scheer said.

Blessings sometimes come in disguise.

Deputies ended up arresting the suspect in downtown Fresno, after he led them on a city-wide chase.

The suspect is facing multiple felony and misdemeanor charges.
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