Rock climber survives 50-foot fall

LEMONT, Illinois -- A rock climber is lucky to be alive after surviving a 50-foot fall.

A 50-foot fall is roughly the equivalent of falling five stories.

Seamus Hehir, 26, was climbing Kentucky's Red River Gorge with a friend in late April, when his equipment gave way.

"As I was falling, I fell outward across this boulder. I kind of glanced it off my back and grazed the back of my head as I flipped around the boulder," said Hehir during an interview with WBBM-TV.

He is recovering from a fractured neck and back. Surgeons placed two titanium rods in his spine for support.

Hehir is with family during his recovery. A fundraiser organized for him has raised nearly $45,000 so far.

"I get pretty emotional just knowing so many people are reaching out," said Hehir.

He is expected to make a full recovery.