No indication anything was wrong before downtown Houston scaffolding collapse

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- There's no indication anything was wrong with the scaffolding outside the luxury apartments near downtown Houston before it came down.

There is no Houston permit required at all, nor does the city inspect scaffolding no matter the size for safety.

The federal government requires a daily inspection of scaffolding by the contractor. They look for proper installation, condition, the floor, the braces and guardrails.

Deaths are rare in scaffold accidents. Across the country, there are 4.2 million construction workers who use scaffolds. But in 2014, there were only 42 deaths.

The only safety requirements are guardrails. There is no required harness, even for workers very high up.

As for why it all fell at once, we're told scaffolds like this are connected to each other for strength and connected to the building for safety.

But once one starts to fall, there is nothing to stop them all from falling.

About the complex, it was a 7-story, $400M project that was suppose to be leasing in May of 2015.

The Fingers Company, which owns the building, issued the following statement: "We are monitoring the situation very closely and working alongside authorities as we try to determine the cause of this accident. In the mean time, we are grateful to the first responders on the scene and praying that everyone is OK."

Massive project, 7 story 400M project. Supposed to be leasing in May of 2015. Luxury appartrment

Photos from scaffolding collapse

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