12-year-old girl recovering from nearly 50 dog bites after attack at bus stop

SANFORD, North Carolina -- A 12 year-old is recovering after her mother says she was bitten nearly 50 times by her neighbor's dog.

The attack happened Monday afternoon as the seventh grader was getting off the bus.

Her mother, Lateta Verbal, says the dog is normally chained up in the backyard, but it was roaming free and attacked her daughter.

Verbal says a neighbor heard the girl's cries for help and ran outside. But Verbal says no one bothered to call 911.

Instead, when she got home, a crowd of people were standing around her bloodied daughter in the yard.

The 12-year-old was taken to the hospital and was later released. She's at home resting, but her mother wants the dog owners arrested.

Lee County Animal Control seized the dog. It will be under quarantine for 10 days pending the outcome of the investigation. Meanwhile, criminal charges could be filed by the sheriff's office.
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