WATCH: Salmon struggle to cross flooded road

SHELTON, WASHINGTON (KTRK) -- Why did the salmon cross the road? Because it's a regular occurrence.

A Washington state woman captured video of a determined salmon struggling to make its way across a flooded road. The sight of salmon crossing a flooded road is not unusual in parts of Washington state.

Shannon Adams posted a video to YouTube showing a group of the upstream-swimmers trying to cross a road covered with mere inches of fast-moving water. A few of the salmon made it across effortlessly, but for one salmon - it was a struggle.

"Due to high rainfall, the river had burst its banks and was flooding over fields and roads," Adams wrote in the video's description. "Migrating salmon -- returning from a life in the ocean -- seek the lower flow streams to spawn and die. These are following the stream wherever it goes -- using great effort to overcome obstacles including roads."
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