Small town boy sells hot dogs to give to African charities in need

NEWTON, Iowa -- It may be the official food of summer, but in a small town in Iowa, serving hot dogs is taking on a new meaning.

River Miller, 10, has set up his 'Heavenly Hot Dogs' stand in the parking lot of his father's cleaning and restoration business.

River's menu is said to be adventurous, and includes a 'Chicago Dog', which is topped with relish, mustard, tomato mustard, hot pepper, salt and onions on top.

But feeding someones appetite for a hot dog isn't River's top priority. His real mission is to help people in Zambia, Africa.

His mother, Janelle Miller, is a pastor at Christian Life Church and says she plans on using the money from River's hot dog sales to plan a mission trip to Zambia.

"The biggest option is $4,000 to dig a well in a small village that won't have any water otherwise," she said. "If we don't quite make that, $500 will feed an entire village."

Twenty percent of the proceeds and 100 percent of the tips will go towards helping people in Zambia.