Concrete Jesus? Boling man says he sees Jesus in concrete walkway

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Monday, July 13, 2015
Man sees image of Jesus in concrete slab
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A Wharton County man is dealing with the loss of a friend and is finding peace and comfort in an image he sees in a slab of concrete.

BOLING, TX (KTRK) -- Jesus in concrete? Catarino Mata, of Boling, Texas, says he saw just that in a concrete walkway leading up to his house.

Mata shared the photo of his walkway with Eyewitness News and we went to see it ourselves.

Mata says God made the image from the wind and the rain.

When our crew arrived, we captured our own images of the walkway. Judge for yourself.

Mata says he'd recently lost a friend and was feeling sad and takes the image as a sign that God is near and he should have faith.