Addiction in the time of coronavirus: how recovery groups are still meeting

The streets in Houston are quiet as people isolate in their homes.

But, what about those who depend on the company of others for survival?

"In addiction, often we isolate, and we feel like having a human connection and connection with others in recovery is really important right now," said one recovering addict.

The woman, who we'll call Sharon, is newly sober, but had to leave her sober house due to virus concerns.

It's kind of the ultimate lose-lose situation.

Preventing the spread of coronavirus depends on social distancing.

But, preventing relapse often depends on not social distancing.

"The opposite of addiction is connection and we see that through programs," explained Julie DeNofa, the President of Positive Recovery Centers.

With ten locations across Texas, PRC's inpatient centers are still accepting clients.

But, many outpatient services have been canceled for safety.

Now, the focus is on virtual conferencing, making sure those in recovery can still communicate with each other and medical professionals.

"Can you imagine how bad it is for an alcoholic who can stay isolated and have their alcohol delivered to them? It is catastrophic,' explained Dr. Jason Powers with PRC.

Dr. Powers is also offering virtual meditation practices for those who need them.

"It's life or death for a lot of us. It holds us accountable," said a Houstonian named Jordan who has been in recovery for two years. "It is a safe place for us to share anything that we need. Share our fears and share our triumphs as well."

"What I've learned from the past is that it's really important to be vigilant about our program and staying in contact with other people," Sharon added.
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