Group of teens pummel homeless man to death, police say

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania -- A video surveillance camera caught the seconds before a group of teens allegedly beat a 57-year-old homeless man to death in Philadelphia.

It happened right before 6 p.m. Sunday in the city's Mayfair section.

The grainy video shows the victim being followed. Then, out of the frame, police say, he was bludgeoned.

A neighbor who didn't want to give her full name or show her face said the attack happened right outside of her home.

"They hit his head into the wall so hard that I felt it in my house, on the second floor," she said.

When Donna ran out to help the man they call Kevin, his pockets were turned inside out and the teens scattered.

"They ran away laughing like it was funny," said Donna. "(They were) saying, 'We got him.'"

Beloved by those who lived on the block, Kevin was taken to Jefferson Torresdale Hospital. On Monday, the hospital confirmed he had died.

"I can't believe it, that guy has been up and down this neighborhood," said resident Matt Giampa. "Like why now, why right here?"

Police arrested two of the teens after the attack and are looking for the others involved in the brutal murder.

The violence has left residents rattled

"My daughter's bus stop is right over here," said Giampa. "So that's another concern for me."

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