CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Pharmacist fights back as 2 women attempt to rob him

Thursday, May 17, 2018
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A pharmacist fights back during a robbery near Atlanta, Georgia.

DEKALB COUNTY, Georgia -- A pharmacy owner in Georgia fought back after two women tried to rob him. One woman sprayed him with mace and another woman pointed a gun at him.

Pharmacist Mba Kalu found himself face to face with a gun three weeks ago. His daughter was working in the back with other employees.

To protect her and everyone at the pharmacy, he felt he had to act quickly.

"That was the priority on my mind. I just had to do what I had to do to protect everybody," said Kalu.

The women ran out and got away in a car. WSB-TV reports they have not been apprehended.

For Kalu, he realizes this is the reality for pharmacists these days, especially with the opioid epidemic across the country.

"In this field it's something that's already anticipated because of the ongoing opium abuse," he said.

Kalu's pharmacy has been open since June and this is the second time he's had a gun pointed at him.

In December, Kalu said three men wearing masks and carrying guns burst in his store and demanded drugs.