Photo app flashes back to my first foster doggie

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Where were you this week a year ago, two years ago, maybe even five years ago?

If you use any of those photo memory apps on your phone like Flashback or Carousel, I'm sure you get updates all the time showing you pictures from your past.

The other day, my app flashbacked 5 years ago to a picture of when my first foster doggie, Chance, was adopted.


Seeing this picture of Chance with his fur-ever family brought back so many emotions. Feelings of joy and pride. I am so happy I became a doggie foster mom. Fostering came at a time in my life when it really helped me to help others. My elderly dog Mathis had just passed away. That loss left my other dog, Nanook, very lonely. She really wanted a new furry friend, but I wasn't ready to "replace" Mathis. My friend and founder of Red Collar Rescue here in Houston, Charlotte Liberda, suggested I try fostering for a while. She was right. It felt so good to help a dog that needed me, plus Nanook got a friend.

Here's Chance's pre-adoption photo shoot and bio that I wrote for him:


"Hi, I'm Chance. My foster mom thinks I'm part Vizsla (my copper eyes match my gorgeous coat). I'm about a year old and weigh 30 lbs.

When I was just a puppy, I was picked up on the streets of La Porte and taken to B.A.R.C. No one claimed me and no one adopted me. I lived there for 3 long months. My time was up at B.A.R.C. (dogs are typically only given 90 days before they are euthanized). The day before I was to be put to sleep, my foster mom showed up, took me off "death row" and brought me home.

I have a great foster sister. She's teaching me how to be a grown-up dog. I know how to go potty outside, sit before I get treats and sleep quietly in my crate. I like to annoy my foster sister, by taking all her toys out of the basket, one by one. My favorite toy is a pink poodle. I like to go on long walks in the neighborhood. I am very friendly to other dogs and people. I just started running with my foster mom. I think I am a natural athlete. I am very quiet and only bark when I'm playing."

Since I started fostering five years ago, Nanook and I have helped more than a dozen dogs find their forever homes. If you think you have room in heart to help a homeless dog find their fur-ever home, please consider fostering for one of our many local rescue groups or shelters.

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