Here are 7 popular Houston dogs on Instagram

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Instagram has given a platform for expression, whether it's on an artistic level or a personal level.

The image-driven social media channel has also enabled pet owners an outlet to introduce the world to their beloved animals.

Accounts geared toward man's best friend are arguably the most plentiful on Instagram. In Houston, dog lovers are in constant celebration of their canines.

Here are seven popular Houston dogs on Instagram. For this story, we reached out to accounts holding at least 1,000 followers.


One of the most dapper dogs on IG, Jackson is the most popular pup in this writing, boasting more than 43,000 followers. You can attribute that following to a big win through a PetSmart-sponsored contest.

Named after the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, the pooch known as "The Spotted Prince," which is due to his influence over his home, is an avid swimmer and photogenic if you couldn't tell already. According to his owner, when the camera comes out, he knows what to do.

The Levy Park Conservancy Dog Park in Upper Kirby, which is a popular spot for all the dogs featured here, is where Jackson draws his friends, human or fur-covered.

As for his preference of a bow tie in all of his pictures, his owner says, "It is his 'thing.' We like to think of him as a southern gentleman!"
Follow: @jackson_the_dalamatian.


Ryder boasts a cool lifestyle from taking a single look at his IG page, which has drawn nearly 1,500 followers. It wasn't always like that, though, for this canine from Uptown Houston.

According to his owner, he was rescued by Gulf Coast and Southern Texas Animal Rescue in Galveston when he was found wandering the beach. He was found with a serious heartworm and matted fur.

Often mistaken for a puppy, the five-year-old is often photographed in front of artwork around Houston, creating a unique collaboration between the canine and art worlds. His owner praises the city for the great connections of artists as well as restaurants that are pet-friendly.

As for his breed, Ryder's owner says the mystery behind it is one of the reasons they use Instagram as a way to connect with other similar dogs. When asked, his owner believes he might be a Pomeranian Pekingese mix.

"The honest truth is we have no idea, though," said Shannon, his owner.
Follow: @shannonkatecypress.

Rusty and Kyra

This pit bull-mix duo is upholding the mission to "adopt, don't shop" to their 2,900 followers and counting.

According to their owner, both came home originally as fosters through the nonprofit group Barrio Dogs. Like Ryder, Rusty was in a less-than-hopeful state before his rescue, having been found trapped in a drainage pipe.

It's all roses and dog treats now, though, for these two. Their owner says both dogs have big, distinctive personalities that shine through on IG. It is there, their owner says, that they shock people who expect them to play up to the stereotype of their breed.

You can find these two cheesing at Houston spots like Denovo Coffee for the puppichinos or Bruster's Real Ice Cream for a vanilla ice cream treat.

Follow: @rusty_and_kyra.


Described as sassy, Akasha is the queen of Instagram domain, already enticing more than 4,200 users to hit the "follow" button.

Like some of the other dogs here, the fluffy Shih Tzu's IG is the product of family and friends wanting a glimpse of her fabulous life.

"My friends say they love her face and how expressive her eyes are," her owner says.

You can also find her as the life of many Shih Tzu social events around town. She also has time to take a walk down Westheimer and paint pottery at the Mad Potter.

And yes, Anne Rice fans. She is named after the "Queen of the Damned."

"When she was a puppy she would bite my ankles," her owner says.
Follow: @loveakasha.

Yuki and Okami

This energetic pair of huskies are nature-lovers, usually seen outdoors or in a natural setting on their Instagram account, which is 1,300-strong.

While Okami came home from a breeder, Yuki was "sort of a happy accident," according to their owner. The canine was one of several puppies being given away. While his owners didn't plan on owning another dog that day, they made the decision.

"It was honestly love at first sight," their owner said.

The pair go all over Houston, but they eye Johnny Steel Dog Park and a trip afterward to the Burger Joint as their favorite voyage.
Follow: @itsa_huskyworld.

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