Dog survives 24 days alone in the Sierra Nevada

FRESNO COUNTY, CA -- A Fresno County dog is back home with its family after it spent 24 days alone in the Sierra Nevada. The dog went missing in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness area and was found near Courtright Lake.

Three-year-old Chloe is happy to be back at home in Fresno County and playing fetch with her dad -- this after the Queensland spent 24 days in the wilderness all by herself.

"I wish she could talk. She'd give me one hell of a story. What she ate, what was chasing her. You know, where she went," said Ed Campos, Chloe's owner.

Ed is still in shock over his pup's survival in the wilderness. In early June, he and other Fresno County Sheriff's Search and Rescue volunteers rode into the mountains to prepare for the upcoming season, when lighting struck.

"Before I had a chance to grab her, she took off. It was like a big howitzer went off in camp," Ed said.

Ed searched desperately across the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness for days, hoping his scent would draw her near. The couple says they couldn't stop thinking of their dog, all alone.

"Not so much about the bears, but the mountain lions, especially after the ranger said that the area she was spotted that there were mountain lions and that's what concerned me the most because the smoke jumpers said she had a high-pitched yip," said Sandy Campos, Chloe's owner.

Along the way, friends and family jumped in to help, even complete strangers. Sightings started to come in, but no luck locating the scared dog.

"I can't go home empty-handed again. So I was thinking I haven't seen her; I'm chasing a ghost," Ed said.

After 15 days, Ed says he was searching Courtright Lake when his friend spotted Chloe.

"She heard me call her name, and she came to me and came to me 100 miles per hour and started screaming and yelling and barking," Ed said.

It was a reunion that brought everyone to tears. Chloe was in good health but had lost some weight. Her family says her rescue was a miracle thanks to the help of others.

"She's our family. We're whole again now that she's back," Sandy said.

A happy ending this family couldn't be more grateful for.
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