No hands? No problem! Yellow Lab caught on camera raiding the fridge

CENTRAL COAST, CA -- We're all guilty of raiding the fridge from time to time. 12-year-old Allie is no different.

Well except for the fact she's a yellow Lab.

Radio host Adam Montiel couldn't figure out how Allie kept getting into the fridge when he wasn't home, so he set up a GoPro camera to find out.

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The video shows Allie making sure the coast is clear before she starts searching for food.

First up is the garbage can. She knocks it over and doesn't seem to find anything interesting inside.

Allie then makes her way over to the freezer, using her arms and paws to pry it open and grab a couple of frozen goodies.

Minutes later, she returns using her mouth to open the doors to the fridge, helping herself to snack after snack.

Allie's owner now knows her secret and how to stop her from any more fridge raids. He also encourages others do do the same, posting on his Facebook page for people to "take this time to educate your dog on respect for the family refrigerator. Consider it a Public Service Announcement."
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