New study is looking to help dogs with arthritis using stem cells

A new treatment is being tested that could hopefully help dogs with arthritis.

An animal hospital in Colorado is working with stem cells to help suffering animals.

Sawyer Howell and his dog Boone have been buddies for the better part of 10 years.

"He's been all over, all over the country hiking with me," Howell said.

Boone was even the ring bearer in his wedding.

"It's been, you know, kinda sad watching him slow down," Sawyer said.

Boone's x-rays show significant arthritis in both of his back hips.

"The head of the femur, you can see all this extra bone production," Dr. Analisa Schilling said.

Now, he's part of a cutting edge study to see if stem cells can help.

"It think it's really ingenious. They do it in the NFL and they do it in horses. So, why not dogs," Schilling said.

The stem cells come from puppy umbilical cords and are processed into an injection by a company called animal cell therapies.

"I really hope that with the study we're able to see if it actually benefits," Schilling said.

Boone got his injection several months ago. Now, he has will have to get blood work done and his owner will have to log his progress.

"We have so many owners who come in and say, 'I hate to see my dog in pain.' It's heartwarming that we can also give them another alternative," study coordinator Angela Vogt said.

Boone is one of about 600 dogs who are apart of the study.

When all the results are in, stem cells may become the latest tool to treat canine arthritis
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