'Loyal dog' found lying on dead owner's body now needs new home

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Thursday, August 1, 2019
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The dog was believed to have been neglected leading up to his owner's death, and was found lying on top of his owner's body and refused to get off.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A dog believed to have been neglected leading up to his owner's death and found lying on top of his owner's body now needs a new home.

Weighing in at only 38 pounds, almost every bone in 9-year-old Charlie's emaciated body is visible.

"We do think he will have a full recovery," said Kerry McKeel with the Harris County Animal Shelter.

And his journey to the shelter was a difficult one.

"(This was) a case where there was an animal left in a home because of an owner who had passed away," McKeel said.

A social media post sharing Charlie's story has reached thousands of people. The Friends of Emma Medical Rescue group out of Fort Worth came across Charlie's story and picked him up Wednesday.

The rescue group provides medical care, treatment and rehabilitation services for pets like Charlie.

"The dog was so loyal to its owner," said a woman looking at animals at the shelter.

It's unclear what caused Charlie's owner's death, but it's not the first time authorities had been to their home.

"We had responded to this house about six months ago, back in February for a wellness check," McKeel said.

At that time, Charlie was reportedly in much better health, but now faces a long list of health issues including hair loss, skin and eye infections and emaciation.

"We are slowly trying to get him onto the proper medication and to get him to start eating again," McKeel said.

For more information on how you can help Charlie and the Friends of Emma Medical Rescue group, click here.

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