How to combine core and cardio to get fit

With summer right around the corner, a lot of us want to work our core and get our cardio in. So why not do it at the same time?

I went to Coach Robert Aguirre at Orange Theory Fitness for tips on exercises that will burn calories, improve our posture, and give us a toned midriff.

  1. Plank jacks
  2. Lower into a plank position on your elbows. Then, jump your feet out and in, doing a jumping jack on the floor. Beginners can walk their legs in and out.
  3. Speed skater lunges
  4. Lift one knee up with foot off the ground, squat down with the standing leg and jump laterally to the side. And repeat on the other side going back and forth. The lower you get and higher you jump, the harder it is! You can also walk it.
  5. Atomic mountain climber
  6. Get into a plank position on your hands, and bring one knee in and to the opposite side. Then, bring the other knee in to the opposite side and repeat.
  7. Burpee
  8. Squat down, put your hands on the ground in front of you in push up position, jump or walk your feet out, so you are in a plank position, then jump or walk your feet back in and stand or jump up.

  9. Running man
  10. Get down into a plank position with your hands on the ground and run your feet into your knees.

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