The best 10 places in Houston to go after meeting online

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- You've sifted through dozens of profiles online and finally found one worthy of a first date. The first date jitters are enough to worry about without having to think of what to do and where to go for your first outing.

According to dating tips from, the aim of the first date is usually to get to know each other a little better.

Since this will be the first formal face-to-face meet, the dating site suggests to keep the outing safe, short, and simple while thinking outside of the box for fun interactive date ideas.

In a big city like Houston, there are countless options for a first date. So the question is 'where do I go?' Here is a list of 10 places to have your first date after meeting online in the Bayou City.

  • Trader's Village in Houston

Yes. A flea market. If the awesome turkey legs and roasted corn aren't reason enough, this unconventional first date allows you and your date to walk around and talk in a very casual environment. Learn more about each other's interests through the items that grab your attention. This might be a better option than sitting face-to-face at a restaurant trying to come up with conversation.

  • Discovery Green

Pick the picnic. Each of you can make a dish, meet at the park, and enjoy some sun, food, and conversation all while people watching. You will not only get to know your date a little better, but you'll also get to test out their cooking skills.

  • Inspire Rock

For the indoor 'outdoorsy' type. This is a great option if both of you enjoy sporty activities. Climb indoor rock walls and even enjoy some conversation over a gourmet meal at the ATE Cafe inside.

  • Painting with a Twist

You don't have to be Da Vinci. The studio has a 'bring your own' food and drink policy. You and your date can paint and talk in a casual environment while sipping wine or any other drink of your choice.

  • Houston Zoo

Was your love for animals what lit the spark? Why not hit the Houston Zoo? It's hard to have a bad date when there are cute pandas nearby.

  • BowlMor

'Strike' up conversation over a game of bowling. It can be a fun to add a little competition. Find out if your date is a sore loser or worse, a sore winner.

  • Cedar Creek Bar & Grill - Trivia Night

You know your date has the looks, find out if they've got the brains. You will have to work together to correctly answer as many questions as possible. In between rounds you can ask each other your own questions.

  • The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show

What better way to solve the mystery of your compatibility than to solve an actual mystery? This interactive dinner will provide an upbeat environment for you and your date to find out more about each other while you find out 'whodunit.'

  • Sur la Table

See if you can cook up some 'chemistry' in this fun cooking class. You can learn about your date and learn how to whip up a new dish.

  • Bohemeo's

Still want to do a standard coffee shop? Who says it has to be standard? This artsy coffee shop hosts open mic night for both poets and musicians. You enjoy good conversation over a good cup of joe.

Houston is full of hidden gems for a fun and safe first date experience.

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