Houston native and former Cy-Fair student brings Tex-Mex barbeque to Philadelphians

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Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Houston native brings Tex-Mex BBQ to Philadelphians
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Former Houstonian Scott Hanson serves his barbecue at farmer's markets in Philadelphia as North by Texas Tex-Mex BBQ.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (KTRK) -- Scott Hanson's title at Drexel University in Philadelphia is quite the mouthful.

"I'm the senior scholar of urban history and material culture," the Houston native said.

In addition to that title, his hobby, which has turned into a side gig, also involves mouthfuls.

"On the weekends, I get to wear my other hat doing barbecue," Hanson said.

It was three years ago that the University of Texas graduate started doing pop-ups in Philadelphia as North by Texas Tex-Mex BBQ.

The concept was hardly the result of long-term dreams of getting into the food industry.

"I've been living in the northeast for 20-some-odd years now, and after being here for quite a while and not finding the food that I grew up with, I started making it myself and making it for potlucks and parties," Hanson said. "One time, one of the dads tasted the brisket and said, 'This is the best I've ever had.'"

That man just happened to own seven restaurants in the city, and now Hanson serves his Tex-Mex barbecue once-a-month at the Chestnut Hill Farmers Market in Philadelphia.

"I kind of created the greatest hits of everything I grew up with," Hanson explained. "Central Texas-style smoked brisket, carnitas, coleslaw with chipotle lime black pepper, and brisket tacos."

Hanson takes great pride in his food, using ethically-raised meat that's sustainably sourced from area farms, and Philadelphians are catching on to the point he's hoping to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant relatively soon.

Until then, Hanson is rooting for the Phillies this series since he didn't get into baseball until he moved to Pennsylvania, but his hometown will always hold a special place in his heart.

"Shout out to (Cy Fair ISD's) Matzke Elementary and Bleyl Junior High," Hanson said.

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