5-year-old boy saves parents overdosing on heroin

Police are calling a 5-year-old boy a hero after he ran over two blocks to alert his grandparents that his mom and dad were dying.

The two parents had a suspected heroin overdose when the young boy rushed to find help, saving his parents' lives. The incident took place in Middletown, Ohio on the morning of May 18.

"He walked in the door and mom and dad's not coming behind him and all of the sudden he starts saying 'Mom and Dad's dead, Mom and Dad's dead," said Kenneth Currey to WCPO.

Officials said they found two people, Lee Johnson and Chelsie Marshall, lying unconscious on the floor.

Johnson was given Narcan and woke up shortly afterward, police said. He told police that he used heroin and was arrested, an officer said.

Marshall and Johnson face two charges of endangering children and one count of disorderly conduct with heroin.

The boy and his younger sibling are in the custody of their grandparents.

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