Couple breaks into Heights condo, wore owner's lingerie before taking items

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A day after moving into a condo in the Heights, a local woman found her condo ransacked by two thieves.

The break-in was caught on camera.

"I was horrified that anyone would do this," Trisha Magee said.

Magee says the two broke through a lock and stole everything -- from her purses to jewelry. She says the two also did something that makes her skin crawl.

"It's horrifying and disgusting," she added.

According to Magee, the woman tried on her lingerie and other clothing items.

"I think she took the things that she liked. She treated my closet like her own shopping mall," Magee said.

She says the unwanted guests had sex on her bed.

"I just can't. It's so disgusting," she said.

Based on surveillance footage, the couple was inside the home for about three hours. She says the guests won't ruin her home.

"This is still going to be my home," she said.

She says she has one thing to buy.

"I'm gonna get rid of the bed for sure. Like done," Magee added.
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