Watch: Stolen SUV crashes into Ohio church

EAST COLUMBUS, OH (KTRK) -- Police dash-cam video from Ohio shows teenage suspects crashing a stolen SUV into a church.

If you look closely at the driver's side of the vehicle in the video above, you can see the driver hanging out the open door. The vehicle almost runs over the teen as it plows into the sanctuary of the Asbury North United Methodist Church in East Columbus, Ohio.

The driver is in the hospital and is expected to recover, ABC affiliate WSYX-TV reports. He faces a list of charges including accepting stolen property.

The passenger was not hurt in the crash. He will not face any charges.

The church is in need of major repairs, but Pastor Don Wilson said he's more worried for the well-being of the people in the vehicle.

"My concern wasn't about getting justice or even how we would pay for it," Wilson said. "They're already forgiven by us. Of course, we don't want to hold our building, but this is a building. We're more concerned about their souls."

Half of the wall will have to be replaced, but Sunday services in the building are still scheduled as planned. null
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