VIDEO: Road rage suspect pulls gun on another driver

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A shocking road rage incident was caught on camera in Fresno. It happened last month, but Fort Bend County investigators released the video Tuesday in hopes that someone can help them catch the bad guys.

"They were so adamant about hurting someone," says Marcy. "I thought we were both going to get shot."

Marcy was getting out of the passenger side of her truck when the suspects pulled up.

"I was almost completely out of the vehicle and that was when Jay hollered 'Marcy get back in, they have a gun.' That's when they were parked next to us," she says.

As the suspects pulled up, one was hanging out of the passenger side window. The truck stopped, he got out, and pointed a rifle at Marcy and her fianc.

"He took the shotgun and kept flipping it back and forth like it was a baton. He'd point it at us and like he was going to swing it, then he'd point it at us," she said.

Then he smashed the windshield with the butt of the gun. They took off and the suspects went after them.

"They followed us, and I was trying to get my phone. It was on the floorboard and I couldn't call for help. And every corner we turned, they were right behind us. He was like, 'They're still there. Hang on. They're still there.'"

We're told this started when Marcy and her Jay were trailing a car that was having trouble. The suspects tried to pass, and she tells us her fianc cut them off to keep them from hitting the car that was having trouble.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

"We're trying to identify these people," says Detective Joe Luera. "It's a simple road rage incident that escalated beyond needed. And we don't want this to happen to anybody else."

The man with the gun and the driver will face aggravated assault charges when caught. The victims got away with just a cracked windshield. But their confidence is cracked too.

"What's so sad is they recognize our vehicle just like we remember theirs," Marcy tearfully shared. "And I have family that lives here. We have friends who live here. Every time we come to this small town I'm wondering are they going to come out from the corner or the next street."

If you recognize the suspects' truck or the men in that truck, you're urged to call Crime Stoppers. There is a cash reward for information leading to their arrests. null
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