Four arrested after brawl inside Georgia Red Lobster

COLUMBUS, GA (KTRK) -- A brunch at Georgia Red Lobster quickly turned violent.

Police told ABC affiliate WTVM-TV that a family was leaving the restaurant when a group of men rushed in and started assaulting one of the men in the family. Video of the fight was posted to Instagram.

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The video shows people started screaming instantly as the attackers surrounded the victim. One man tried to hit him with a chair while another banged him repeatedly over the head with a metal object.

"We were walking out and ... just a circle of boys just surrounded us.," said one of the victim's family members. "So all I remember saying is 'there's kids right here, please don't do that'. And from then on, they just start throwing blows."

The victim was holding a 14-month-old baby when he was attacked. Two men, including a retired soldier, tried to save the baby and were also assaulted. The child was not hurt in the melee.

A source told WTVM-TV the men targeted the victim because they believe he has information about an unsolved murder.

Three men were taken to a local hospital with cuts to their faces and heads. All three were all treated and released.

Officers later found all four of the suspects hiding near the restaurant. All four of the men, all of whom are in their early 20s, are charged with battery, reckless conduct and disorderly conduct. null
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