Teen accused of luring man to be robbed tells her side

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The woman in the unforgettable mugshot accused of luring a man using an online dating site says she wasn't involved but she knows who was.

Brittany Shalynn Davis, 18, is charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Her mugshot shows tears streaming down her face. Her hair is messy and she has a pained look.

Davis is accused of luring Philman Harper using the popular online dating site "Plenty o' Fish." The two met, he told investigators, at her West Harris County apartment complex last week. When she stepped away, he says two men tried to rob him and then shot him.

"He was just like are you trying to die today. He just shot me and took off," Harper told Eyewitness News.

He survived by "playing dead" and helped lead investigators to Davis, who he picked out of lineup.

In an exclusive interview from inside the Harris County Jail, Davis says she's innocent.

"I don't get into any trouble. I really didn't do it, honestly," Davis pleaded her case.

Davis said she knows who did it and so does her mother. They both tell Eyewitness News the woman in the plan was really her 14-year-old sister who used Davis' picture online to get men interested. Concerned about her safety, Davis' mother declined an on-camera interview.

"My little sister is a troubled child. She sometimes lies about her age. She confessed so if she confessed, why am I still here?" asked Davis.

She doesn't think her sister was the mastermind, rather she was influenced by the two men involved. No one else has been charged.

As for the moment of the mugshot, "I was crying. I was scared and I'm scared now. I want to go home and I'm innocent."

Davis' mother knows by defending her older daughter, it means her younger one could go to jail but she told Eyewitness News "if she (younger daughter) did it, she should be punished." null
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