Son's near-death experience inspires parents to push need for defibrillators at ball fields

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A west Houston mother and father are on a mission to place defibrillators at all ball fields after their son nearly died on one.

Walker Johnson, 13, took a nasty hit to the chest during a baseball tournament March 22. He had delivered a pitch. The batter had a good hit and it came back at him. Doctors told his parents the impact of the ball hit him directly in his heart during the middle of a heartbeat, causing his heart to sop.

"I, I was dead," Walker said still in disbelief.

Carey Johnson, his father, was by his side in no time. Another father delivered the dire news.

"He looked at me and he said there's no heartbeat. He's not breathing and I took my hat off and said 'God, please don't take my baby. A few seconds later he took a gasp of air," said Carey.

The seventh grade Spring Branch ISD student spent six days in the hospital. If he hadn't come back on his own, what he really needed at that field, doctors told the family, was a defibrillator. There wasn't one.

"Ever since, I've been thinking what's my purpose this," questioned his mother, Christy Johnson.

The family are now advocates for infielders to wear chest protection and they want to raise money so that every field can have a defibrillator.

"It can save someone's life," said Walker.

The teen believes God gave him a second chance and no one plans on wasting it.

"There will be good from this," added his father.

Walker has to stay away from physical activity for 6 months but he does plan to take the mound again, next time with a chest protector.

His family set up a GoFundMe account for their mission. They're calling it Walker's Heart Warriors. Here's a link: null
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