Slow-moving storm drenches Baytown

BAYTOWN, TX (KTRK) -- All day long, rain pounded the Baytown area and East Harris County. Drivers got stuck on swamped roads and water surrounded homes in the Harvest Meadows subdivision off E Wallisville Rd.

Neighbors reported getting about 8 inches of rain on Saturday, which caused backyards and driveways to disappear. All that neighbors could do was watch and wait to see what would happen.

"Luckily, we're not flooded. We're not close to being flooded inside the house. But as you can see, the water is pretty high right here and the land," said Javier Oseguera, who said it didn't seem like the downpour was going to slow down any time soon.

The floodwater surrounded Regina Haynes' home on E Wallisville Rd, which only fueled her frustration.

"It's ridiculous. The county needs to come out and drain these ditches and do whatever they need to do. I'm tired of flooding," she said. She was prepared with cinder blocks to prevent water from coming inside but, fortunately, she did not need to use them.

The Interstate 10 access road at N Main was under several inches of water on Saturday afternoon in Baytown.

The weather started clearing at about 6:30pm, giving the water a chance to recede in some areas. Roads that were blocked by high water began the slow process of drying out.
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