Robbery murder suspects face judge in Houston court

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Three teens and one adult charged with robbing and killing a man on New Year's day faced a judge Monday. Prosecutors revealed new details about what happened right before Herman "Ray" Browning was gunned down in front of his family.

Telavell Coleman, 18; Enzo Ubadimma, 18; Dadriana Holmes, 19; Tiala Alexander, 20 are charged with capital murder.

Investigators say Coleman held the manager of a Southwest Houston Chinese restaurant at gunpoint January 1, then he and Ubadimma robbed several customers. Browning tried to fight back, successfully removing the mask from one of the teen's face. That's when prosecutors say Coleman and a third man-a juvenile, who was not named in court-shot Browning twice. Browning's son and wife were next to him. The three took off in a silver car, as seen in surveillance video. The Harris County Assistant DA calls Browning a "hero" who "saved many other lives" by putting up a fight.

An officer later stopped the driver of that silver car for a traffic violation. Inside the vehicle, investigators found masks, black gloves, and a revolver that matched the gun used in the murder. The two women, Holmes and Alexander, were also in the car.

Investigators say Holmes and Alexander admitted to going to the restaurant the same day of the murder to "case" the place for Coleman and Ubadimma.

Prosecutors believe the teenage men could be linked to several other robberies that happened throughout the month of December.
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