Police: Toddler accidentally struck, killed by grandfather's car in NW Houston

HOUSTON -- Neighbors like Manuel Robles just stood and helplessly watched as first responders tried to revive a 22-month-old girl.

"I could see firefighters around the kid, trying to work with whatever trauma the kid had," said Manuel Robles.

Just Before EMS arrived, the toddler's grandfather had her in his arms, desperately trying to save her.

"He was trying to help her but at that point it was too late," says Sgt. R Dukes.

The accident happened on Varner Road on Houston's westside. Police say the grandfather parked his truck on the road. The little girl was in her grandmother's arms as they sat in the yard. Granddad went back to move his truck the driveway and that's when the one year-old broke free from her grandmother.

"The grandmother couldn't catch her in time and grandfather didn't see her, then she was struck by the vehicle," added Dukes.

Police say the baby girl died on scene. Loved ones consoling a devastated grandfather, left in disbelief grieving his only grandchild. She was a little girl who neighbors say meant the world to grandpa.

"Whenever I saw the girl around, she was always in his arms next to him," added Robles.

"All the time they were playing; they were together taking care of the little girl and that was the only one coming and he was real loving," added Juan Montano.

"He was very endeared to her, so yeah, just that it's really sad," said another neighbor.

Police they tested the grandfather for drugs and alcohol and found nothing. Investigators are calling this a tragic accident. null
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