Montgomery County man lives to tell of wife's alleged plot to kill him

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (KTRK) -- "At the beginning, she was perfect. My family was like she's the perfect woman," said Roman Sosa of his wife Maria "Lulu" Sosa.

The couple met at a restaurant more than six years ago. A conversation led to a dance and eventually a wedding. Together they opened Woodlands Boxing and Fitness in Spring. But then, the marriage had cracks.

"She tried to portray me as a bad person," Roman Sosa said.

Tension with her older children started the unraveling, Ramon says. Lulu filed for divorce in March 2015. It was contentious, and the fights were mostly over money.

"Like a ticking bomb she was ready to explode," he said.

Earlier this month, Montgomery County officials say she acted on it. According to the criminal complaint, Lulu Sosa told an undercover DPS officer she wanted her husband dead because he was better use dead.

A mutual friend of the couple's tipped off Montgomery County authorities. They met Sosa in an old Academy parking lot where she paid whom she thought was a hitman $500 cash and Roman's own wedding ring. She also agreed to give him $2,000 and her husband's truck after he was dead.

To make it believable, the officers used makeup to stage his murder scene and took a picture.

"It looked like a picture from the cartel when they shoot people and put them in a hole. It's a very scary picture," Roman Sosa said.

The complaint says Lulu Sosa cracked a smile when she saw the fake photo.

"People say all the time I'll kill you just for being mad. I'll kill that person or whatever, but to actually go through the steps?" Roman Sosa said. "It hurts a lot. Why? Why? I just couldn't' understand why you want someone dead that bad."

Lulu was soon arrested, and will not be released for a long time after facing charges of solicitation of capital murder. She has not been able to post the $1 million dollar bond to get her out of the Montgomery County Jail. Julio Joglar, her divorce attorney, told ABC-13 that she was a good client and was cooperative, and that things were going her way. He is surprised by all of this and relieved that Roman Sosa is safe.

Meanwhile, Roman puts himself into work and tries to look ahead.

"I forgive her for everything she's done because you know what? I'm alive," Roman Sosa said.
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