Man charged with stabbing coworker 22 times in theater parking lot

DEER PARK, IL -- An 18-year-old has been charged with stabbing a 24-year-old woman at least 20 times in a Deer Park movie theater parking lot, police said.

Daniel Dion, of Des Plaines, had worked at a telemarking firm in Deer Park for the last three months. On Thursday, police say he asked his coworker Katie King to go to a movie after work.

She agreed, and when they arrived in the theater parking lot, while briefly sitting in the car, Dion allegedly pulled out a knife and started stabbing his coworker without warning. She was stabbed a total of 22 times.

She managed to escape the car and fled to the theater lobby. Police were called, and Dion was found standing at roadside not far away.

"Lake County Sheriffs officers responded to that area. They observed a suspicious subject based on the description, some of the information we received. He was then picked up, he was spoken to, and he advised that he was involved in a battery with a female subject," said Lake County Sheriff Dep. Chief Ed Haras.

Once in custody, Lake county sheriff's investigators say Dion calmly told them what had happened and offered an inexplicable motive.

"When he woke up for breakfast yesterday morning, he decided he was going to kill Katie King. And we asked him a little bit further as to why, and he advised that he works with her and she just annoys him," Haras said.

Dion is being held without bond in Lake County Jail.
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