Louis Vuitton pop-up shop!?...Or not

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- After days of waiting outside the alleged Louis Vuitton pop-up shop, potential customers headed home with their heads held down.

Friday morning customers went inside the store to find the rare Louis Vuitton merchandise they wanted was not there. Those still waiting in line were highly disappointed, especially since some of them have been camping out since last weekend.

It started a week ago when Houstonians received word that a pop-up store would be selling a new and rare line of merchandise called Louis Vuitton Supreme.

The company did issue a statement earlier this week stating they were not having a pop-up shop anymore because they ran out of Supreme merchandise, but customers in line didn't believe them.

Customers were allowed in five at a time to see for themselves that there were no Louis Vuitton items.

"They told everybody at one point that they were going to release it on the 14th, so we have people, I flew in from Atlanta. We have people driving here from Virginia. And once we got here, that's when they told us we are not releasing anymore. It's pretty irresponsible of a company this size," said potential customer Sanya Kim.

ABC13 reached out to the company and they have no information on when the next wave of Louis Vuitton merchandise will come in, nor do they have any plans to open a pop-up store.

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