Houston fitness trainer's website hit by hackers

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A website that belongs to a Houston fitness expert with ties to Lakewood Church is the target of cyber-hackers.

Samir Becic reported to the FBI Monday morning that healthfitnessrevolution.com was hacked. Fear was his immediate reaction.

"First of all, I was scared for my family," said the husband and father. "When somebody invades your website, it's like someone is invading your cyber house."

Instead of seeing his credentials under his biography on the website, there was the New York City skyline and a mysterious message.

"The message (was) let's turn everyone to Allah. Let's turn everyone to Islam," Becic described.

A hacking group took credit for it, and after a few searches, we found Becic's website wasn't the only one breached. The group, that calls itself Borneo Security Crew has recently hacked other websites across the world leaving its mark in different ways. On one website was a seal that read "Borneo Security Crew" with the word "Undefined" under it. Another said "Hacked by ZeynnymouZ."

"Why would they attack my page?" asked Becic.

The well-known trainer originally from Eastern Europe teaches fitness classes at mega-church Lakewood and provides health programs for 200 other churches, he says, across the country. He says his war is on obesity but he wonders if someone took offense to his overall message.

"We stand for strong America, for a strong American military but only through healthy lifestyle. We're not a political party, not a religious party. We stand for a stronger America like we stand for a stronger world," Becic explained.

It's FBI policy to neither confirm nor deny investigations. Becic has posted several messages defending himself against the cyber-hacking on both social media and his website.
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