HSCO: Deputy fatally shoots drill-wielding man in NW Harris County

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating a fatal shooting involving a deputy Sunday.

It was a noise that drew most of the neighbors out from their Portofino Landing Apartments on 910 Cypress Station Drive in northwest Harris County.

"I heard a gunshot and went outside," said resident Christopher Smith.

And as the story began to unfold they were even more startled.

"It was really loud and sounded like a canon, couple neighbors came out and said did you hear that what happened," resident Jasmine Singleton added.

"The wife was screaming and being hysterical saying, 'Why did you shoot him?'" said resident Jasmine Singleton.

Harris County sheriff's deputies say the first deputy on scene met the wife as she came down the stairs from the apartment. She had called 911 reporting her 49-year-old husband was drunk and hurting himself. Investigators say as the deputy went upstairs the husband had a cordless drill in his hand and drilled into his own arm, before lunging towards the deputy.

"We're not clear on what happened prior to the officers arriving here but he did lunge at the officer with a cordless drill after injuring himself. The officer had nowhere else to retreat being they were on the second story of the complex," said Sgt. Cedrick Collier with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say they hadn't been called to this particular apartment before but neighbors say it's not the first trouble here recently.

"I've been concerned living here. There have been three fights a week at night," said Smith.

An adult son was also at the home, according to deputies, when the Father's Day fight started.

The incident is under investigation.
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