Family claims bounty hunters assaulted them and crossed the line

HUMBLE, Texas (KTRK) -- A chaotic confrontation with bounty hunters disrupted the Fourth of July holiday in the middle of a neighborhood in Humble. The confrontation was caught on cell phone video.

The family that shot the video claims the bounty hunters were out of line.

Two of their family members ended up in the hospital and they claim the man they were supposedly after was not wanted.

"He comes toward me gun drawn already and he's telling me to get out the car," said Keemo Fell. "I'm like excuse me, can I help you? What's the problem?"

Keemo Fell, 22, said the bounty hunters snatched him out of his car and cuffed him. His wife, Hoda, ran inside to get her parents and it escalated. The bounty hunters allegedly shoved and punched her almost 70-year old father and pepper sprayed her mother.

"She passed out to the ground instantly," Keemo Fell said.

"I guess one of the bones broke in his ribs. And my mom had a stroke. She already has asthma and breathing problems, so it made it worse," Hoda Fell said.

Cell phone video showed one of them closing the car door on his leg, while the other one hit him with a baton. Keemo Fell was able to get out of their car with his wife's help. The couple said the bounty hunters chased him through the yard.

"They didn't have any type of proof," Hoda said. "Nothing at all to show who they were even looking for. They didn't even say his name."

"He told the other guy 'follow me.' I asked the constable where were they taking me if I had no warrants. The constable said 'that's a good question...where were they gonna take you?'" added Keemo.

Precinct Four deputies responded to the call. According to Constable Mark Herman, the bounty hunters said they were working on behalf of Greenspoint Bail Bonds to find Fell. Greenspoint Bail Bonds told ABC13 they gave his case to the agency for when he missed court months ago, but that the case has been closed since May.

Harris County District Clerk records confirm his case was closed.

ABC13 tracked down the bounty hunters' manager who refused to comment on the incident.

"If they would've searched my name, they would've seen my name is cleared. They didn't do that," Keemo said.

Precinct Four has referred the bounty hunters to the DA's Office. According to the constable, prosecutors have declined charges for the moment.

The family involved said there is no way the bounty hunters should have not been charged, especially since Keemo Fell was not wanted on any warrants.

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