Facebook helps neighborhood watch group nab burglary suspects

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A neighborhood in Summerwood says social media helped them catch burglars who targeted their community.

Three men are in the Harris County Jail and it's because of a Facebook page and neighbors fighting crime, together.

If you want manicured lawns, Summerwood is where you'll find it.

"I moved to this area because it's so low crime," resident Jamie Martinez said.

But recently, everyone who lives here has been on guard, hunting thieves.

"They're dumb enough to come back to our neighborhood. We need to be smart enough to be watching for them," Michelle Steadman said.

A crook kicked in the door of a single mother in broad daylight while she was at work.

"All the TVs, they took a lot of stuff in there -- jewelry, and the house was really, really messy," the victim said.

Luckily, her neighbor noticed an unfamiliar car, took some pictures and called 911.

"They gave us a good description of the vehicle -- a lot of good information, that, without that information, we would not have been able to stop that vehicle," said Capt. Jon Moore with the Harris County Pct. 3 Constable's Office.

"We knew that he'd be back today because that's when the break-ins happen, from like 9 to 3," Summerwood resident Dwayne Buehring said.

Buehring started a neighborhood Facebook page called Summerwood Crime Watch. It has 1,300 followers.

"Sure enough, the guy showed up today, somebody saw it, posted it. We got the word out, people started driving around, constables got involved, stopped him on the Beltway," Buehring said. said.

"We're confident they're involved in some of the other burglaries," Moore said.

Deputy constables recovered jewelry, TV remotes and computer power cords from the suspects' car. But what the thieves didn't take away with them is Summerwood's solidarity.

"It really feels very good that I have some neighbors who watch over us," the victim said.

Five adults were pulled over in that black Camry. Charges against three suspects are pending.
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