Pizza delivery driver saves woman from bleeding to death

Thursday, September 1, 2016
Pizza delivery driver comes to the rescue of elderly woman
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Pizza delivery driver comes to the rescue of elderly woman.

ANGLETON, TX (KTRK) -- A Domino's delivery driver found herself in the right place at the right time Tuesday.

The chance encounter happened on a delivery that Kaylene White wasn't even supposed to be on. A mistake on a previous order landed her right where she was supposed to be in that moment.

It all started when Martha Norman called her daughter Tuesday to tell her she was bleeding.

"I couldn't get out of her how bad it was," says Cheryl Stahl. "She has a skin condition and sometimes she scratches, so I assumed it was just her head."

When Cheryl Stahl got to her mom's apartment, she froze.

"Blood was everywhere. Just puddles of blood."

Stahl tells Eyewitness News that, in that moment, she couldn't remember the code to open her phone to call 911. All she could do was scream for help.

"I pulled up into the apartments and I was walking and I heard the commotion and I heard her yelling, 'Help me, my mom's bleeding to death,'" says Kaylene White.

White is a former medical worker and stay-at-home mom who took a job at Domino's to get out of the house. She was making a delivery to the Northside Senior Apartments when she heard Stahl's screams.

White tells us she dropped everything with her customer and ran.

"I remember asking her where she was hurt because she had so much blood I couldn't tell where the blood was actually coming from," White says.

"I think I said, "Who are you?" and she was just wrapping my leg," jokes Martha Norman. "She was just a-working."

White used towels to get the bleeding under control and stayed with Norman until paramedics got there. She's being hailed a hero by Angleton First Responders.

"I believe it would have been a much different scenario had she not gotten involved," says Deputy Chief Jason Albert with the Angleton Area Emergency Corps. "Had she bled any longer, there's a good chance we would've found her unconscious instead of sitting up and talking to us."

Albert posted White's heroics to Facebook. More than 500 shares later, she's now the talk of Angleton.

"I didn't expect anybody to even thank me for it or put it on social media," she says laughing.

The ultimate thanks came from Martha Norman herself.

"I'll be forever grateful to her for what she done. And it deserves every bit of praise...what she did for me."

White says she hopes people see her story and take on #SeeSomethingDoSomething attitude. She says it's okay to help.

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