Coyote follows doctor through front doors of medical office

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC -- A South Carolina doctor got a scare when a coyote followed him inside his office, and it was all caught on surveillance video.

Dr. Steven Poletti said he didn't realize he had a hungry patient on his heels until he got inside.

Then he felt something brush his leg. At first, he said he thought it was a dog, but then he got a better look.

"When it brushed by my leg and turned around you could see clearly it was a coyote or a wolf. It kind of bared its teeth and started growling and right then I knew it was a coyote," said Poletti.

Poletti said he jangled his keys and made noise to scare the coyote enough to escape the building.

The coyote followed him for about 10 minutes until a squirrel distracted it, causing the coyote to wander off.
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