Bear kills dog, attacks man in Florida neighborhood

ORANGE CITY, FL (KTRK) -- A man says he's lucky to be alive after a bear killed his dog and then went after him.

Alan Bryant, 64, tells ABC affiliate WFTV-TV that he let his 2-year-old 15-pound Yorkie named Tigger outside to use the restroom. He believes the dog then spotted a bear in his yard.

"Just about the time my big lights came on the dog quit yelping and the first thing I see is the bear coming right at me. He started running right at me," Bryant said.

Bryant tried to run to safety, but the bear quickly caught him.

"He had no problem knocking me down with one swipe," Bryant said.

At the same time, Bryant's wife opened the door and screamed. He believes that scream startled the bear just long enough for him to get off the ground and get inside to safety. The bear then took off.

Bryant wasn't badly hurt, but he and his wife are now mourning the loss of their dog.

Officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are now working to track and trap the bear. null
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