Angry monkeys chase family visiting Florida state park

OCALA, Florida (KTRK) -- A visit to a state park in Florida was a little wilder than one family expected.

Susie Ramsey and her family were visiting Silver Springs Park in Ocala when they spotted some rhesus macaques monkeys.

The monkeys were hanging out in an exhibit.

In the video you see the monkeys sitting around but they don't stay still and calm for long.

The monkeys eventually started growling, hissing and even chasing people.

No one was hurt.

While the video seems funny, scientists warn that encounters with wild monkeys can actually be very dangerous.

Even though rhesus macaques monkeys are small, they have sharp fangs and are actually very strong for their size.

Biologists said the monkeys have been living in the state park for more than 75 years. They fear as the population grows the monkeys will disperse outside of the state park.

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