Aldine ISD student beaten, robbed on way to school

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A mother is upset with investigators after she claims they decided not to press charges against the crooks who robbed and beat her son.

The mother, who wanted to be identified only as Jaquie, was attacked near Davis High School in the Aldine area.

"I cried at first," Jaquie said. "I'm still getting a little emotional from it."

It's mixed emotions for this mom who is not only sad but she's also very angry.

"They're an easy prey, it's an easy target," said the mom about young teens getting robbed and beaten by older teens.

On Thursday morning down Spears-Gears and Gears Road, she said her 15-year-old son was jumped and robbed as he walked to Davis High School.

"They were beating him they were pulling off his shoes," she said.

Teens who walk this same area say it's a sad reality of what they face daily.

"In an area like this you gotta expect that," said one teen.

"People see things they want and they just take it," said another teen walking home from school.

Jaquie said, luckily a Plummer Middle School administrator wrote down the teens' license plate as they drove away.

"They did arrest one of the suspects that was driving the vehicle," said the mom.

Then came a big blow. She was told no charges were going to be filed even after the teen admitted to what he did and even returned her son's boots, jacket and backpack.

"I don't understand why these kids are doing this to these younger kids," said the mom.

Aldine ISD police released the following statement on Friday:

"Aldine ISD is investigating an incident involving a Davis High School student who was allegedly accosted and robbed by three unidentified individuals as he was walking to school on Thursday, Feb. 18. The alleged incident did not occur on the Davis campus. The incident is under investigation by the Aldine ISD Police Department."

Soon after Eyewitness News filed its initial report early Friday evening, Jacquie said she received a call from the Harris County District Attorney's Office saying they were going to reopen her son's case.
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