2 Cy-Fair schools operating normally after burglar search

HARRIS COUNTY, TX (KTRK) -- A burglary investigation near two Cy-Fair Independent School District campuses put the schools on lockdown and left a neighborhood rattled Thursday morning.

David Brecker lives near the intersection of Kirkglade and Brittany Knoll. He saw two men running away from a neighbor's home after they set off an alarm system, he said.

Brecker's surveillance video shows one suspect fall as he tried to get away.

"He fell hard. He would have been hurt," he said. "It almost looked like a baseball slide."

The car then sped away from the cul-de-sac.

After viewing more video from his security system, Brecker saw what he believes is the same car casing the area about 15 minutes earlier. Brecker doesn't believe they were able to take anything from inside the house.

The car was recovered by deputies after a brief chase. Two people were taken into custody a short time later.

Harris County Sheriff's Office investigators said three people were involved -- two men and a woman. One of the men is still on the run.

Their names have not been released.

Brecker was shocked to hear a neighbor's son may be a suspect.

"The guy that it is, he was real respectful. Nice. Kind. I would have never thought it would be him," Brecker said.

Another neighbor told ABC13, one of the suspects is her 19-year-old son who recently moved out. She said she believes he's hanging out with bad influences and said she is cooperating fully with police and the neighbor who was targeted.

Brecker said, though the area is safe, he is now concerned for his neighbors.

"I am worried about all of our neighbors who don't have cameras and don't have security systems," he added.
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